Aiping Wang Fulepp’s Career

by admin on January 2, 2014

Aiping Wang Fulepp enjoyed a long career as a teacher. Her main area of expertise was teaching various topics of natural health and nutrition. She taught these subjects to youth and adults of all ages. This wide range of experience meant that she was always full of ideas on how to keep her students engaged with her lessons. After many years teaching, she retired and is now enjoying the peace that retirement offers. Her retirement is providing her with the opportunity for peace and quiet that her busy career in teaching rarely did.

Since retiring from the education industry, Aiping Wang Fulepp has been homing her skills in the production of natural medicine. Thankfully, she can source everything she needs for her natural remedies from her own yard and the fantastic array of plants that she grows in it. For many years she has been working on topical treatments to treat all manner of ailments. Her family and friends swear by the medicines she creates, and she is their first port of call whenever they’re feeling under the weather. Her years of experience have led her creating the most effective natural medicine out there.

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