Aiping Wang Fulepp’s Works

by admin on January 4, 2010

Aiping Wang Fulepp was well-loved by the students she taught during her lengthy career as teacher of natural health. Her time teaching at saw her inspire many students to pursue further education in a variety of health-related industries and begin their own careers as teachers and health professionals. Since she retired, the one thing she has missed the most is introducing new generations of students to some of the finest books and resources in the field natural health. She still spends a lot of time reading and is continuously educating herself through study and reading.

Retirement has been peaceful so far for Aiping Wang Fulepp and she is enjoying the extra time that she has on her hands. Most of her time she spends learning about natural medicine and the benefits that it can have on people’s health. She has most of the ingredients required for natural medicines growing on her land and has developed a reputation as the go-to woman if you’re in need of a natural remedy for any mild ailment. One of the most important things to her is natural and healthy living and she has promoted this way of life since she was young. She has instilled the same values in her family, and they live in a similar, environmentally conscious manner.

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