Aiping Wang Fulepp

by admin on December 24, 2009

Natural health has been a passion of Aiping Wang Fulepp from when she was a child. She began work as a teacher after leaving university in the hope that she would inspire the next generation to live happy, healthy lives.  Many of her former students went on to study natural health at college and there were even a few who were inspired to teach thanks to her. Her knowledge and passion shone through in every lesson she taught, and she was sad to leave the career behind and begin her retirement.

Thankfully for Aiping Wang Fulepp, there are several young members of her family who love to spend their time with her and hear what she has to say about the world. She has spent most of her retirement reading and learning, as she believes you’re never too old to pick up new knowledge that can help you to improve your life and the lives of those you care about the most. Aiping Wang Fulepp has been creating herbal remedies from the ingredients she grows in her yard for many years and is always looking for new creative endeavors.

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